#424 — February 15, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

Replacing a 'Hot Path' in Your App's JavaScript with WebAssembly — One benefit that WebAssembly offers is predictable performance across browsers. But how do you turn a hot path written in JavaScript into WebAssembly? This is a technical piece, but there's lot of interesting stuff, including an introduction to AssemblyScript. (It also provoked an interesting discussion on Hacker News.)


Resource Prioritization – Getting the Browser to Help You — Consider using <link rel=preload> to load your key scripts at a higher priority. It’s improved Twitter Lite’s time to interactive by 36% says Addy Osmani.

Sérgio Gomes (Google)

Design for Developers ✨ New Course by Sarah Drasner — Become more self-sufficient for the entire process for execution, from concept to design to implementation. Understand the rules for designing and learn to create complex and beautiful front-end experiences.

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Funding ESLint's Future — ESLint, a linter tool for JavaScript, is a key part of our ecosystem, and now there’s a plan to fund its continuing maintenance and growth. If you use ESLint at work, consider speaking to your company about helping their cause.


▶  Ember.js: The Documentary — Whether or not you’ve used Ember or not, this is a beautifully shot mini documentary (25 minutes) and it’d be great to see more for other projects.


Bluetooth Anywhere: Experimenting with Bluetooth from JS — Some fun experimenting with interacting with a Bluetooth device (a Nordic Thingy:52) in JS on various setups (desktop browser, Cordova app, and a React Native app).

Peter and Anand

Will It finally: A try/catch Quiz — You probably know how try and catch work, but how well do you know finally? Find out with 4 live examples. You’ll almost certainly learn something here.

James K Nelson

💻 Jobs

Front End Developer✌️ in Beautiful Norway🎉 — Passion for React and GraphQL? Want to move to Norway?


Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer - Atlanta, GA (Full-Time) — Join our talented team building a cloud-based platform that’s helping some of America’s largest companies track things with RFID.

Strategic Systems

Try Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles, Tutorials and Opinions

ECMAScript 2019: The Final Feature Set — A concise, factual overview.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Building a Beautiful Animated News App with Vue.js and VuetifyVuetify is a Material Design component framework for Vue.

Rachid Sakara

What We've Learned About Hiring Engineering Managers — Over the last year, we have made some critical shifts in our understanding of what we believe makes a great engineering manager at CircleCI.

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Managing Image Breakpoints with Angular — Angular has a built-in feature called BreakPoint Observer that evaluates media queries and reacts to the changing environment.

Tamas Piros

'Trusted Types' To Help Prevent Cross-Site Scripting? — A look at an experimental, Chrome-only API that aims to prevent DOM-based cross-site scripting by only letting special typed objects to make certain types of changes to the page.

Krzysztof Kotowicz (Google)

Simulating Blobs of Fluid with JavaScript and Three.js — A well presented explanation of an area where physics, programming and creativity meet.

Peeke Kuepers

How Has Testing Evolved? - Register for a Live Broadcast with Our Panel to Hear

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▶  Discussing the Current State of Service Workers — Google’s Rick Viscomi and Jeff Posnick discuss where service workers are at right now.

Google Chrome Developers

▶  Discussing Maintaining Babel with Henry Zhu — Henry Zhu chats about his role maintaining Babel, the JavaScript compiler.

ShopTalk Podcast podcast

🔧 Code and Tools

Make Your Site’s Pages 'Instant' in 1 Minute — This is a neat little project, and surprisingly simple. Include a small piece of JavaScript on your pag to add just-in-time prefetching of links on your site when people hover over where they intend to go next. It's open source if you want to use the code directly.

Alexandre Dieulot

Fuse.js: A Lightweight Fuzzy-Search Library — A mature library but it’s had some key releases recently. GitHub repo.

Kirollos Risk

Backend, Frontend, Backend, and Side-to-Side — Honeybadger has your monitoring covered. We are the UGK of error, uptime, and check-in monitoring for JavaScript.

Honeybadger sponsor

Mercury Parser: Extract Content From the 'Chaos' of the Web — Extracts the useful parts from Web pages, such as titles, authors, the main content, etc.


Next.js 8 Released: Universal React App Framework — Commonly used to build React apps that are happy server-side. Serverless support is the big feature here.

Neutkens, Davis and Ding

Split.js: Create Resizable Split Views / Panes / Frames — There’s a React component variant too.

Nathan Cahill

Three.js Ballooning Demo — A beautiful little demo of a hot air balloon flying over a 3D landscape. It’s open source, too, if you want to play with the code yourself.

Alexander Perrin