#425 — February 22, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

NSFW JS: A Way to Check for Undesirable Images Client-Side — Billed as ‘client-side indecent content checking for the soul’, this is an interesting, though imperfect, way to screen content prior to upload. It uses TensorFlow.js behind the scenes. Demo here.

Gant Laborde

JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome — How browsers schedule and execute scripts can impact the performance of your pages. Addy Osmani compares the different approaches here.

Addy Osmani

Frontiers 2019: Explore New Ways to Build Apps on Slack — Teams move faster with apps on Slack. And, it wouldn’t be possible without the people who built them. Connect with app builders like you, get hands-on training and spark new ideas at Frontiers 2019.

Slack sponsor

TypeScript Linter TSLint to Give Way to ESLint — The developers of TSLint, the TypeScript linter, have decided to deprecate it and focus on improving TypeScript support in the popular ESLint linter instead. This will greatly help existing ESLint users who are picking up TypeScript.


CodeCrumbs: Document Codebases by Adding 'Breadcrumbs' — One of those things that’s better to see visually than read about. Essentially you annotate your code in a certain way and it can produce visualizations of how your codebase works.

Bohdan Liashenko

Ionic React Now Available in Beta — Ionic, a framework for building cross-platform hybrid mobile apps, is commonly associated with Angular but now it’s available in a React flavor too with around 70 components intended to cover the main use cases when building mobile apps. (This item comes via our mobile developer newsletter).

Josh Thomas (Ionic)

💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

React/TypeScript Dev (Berlin, Germany) — Build the tools behind the world’s leading app retargeting platform. Make your own decisions. Solve hard, real-world problems with a cutting edge stack in an experienced & ambitious team.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles, Tutorials and Opinions

for vs forEach() vs for/in vs for/of — An overview of the difference between these looping constructs using several different edge cases.

Valeri Karpov

JSConf US & The Expanding Web — Check out a recent blog by Anna Sedlar.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Using Fastify and Preact for Quick Web App Prototyping — Two technologies we haven’t mentioned for quite a while come together here in building a simple full-stack app.

Luciano Mammino

Styling an Angular Application with Bootstrap — A tutorial using the latest versions of Bootstrap 4 and Angular 7.

Smashing Magazine

Working with TypeScript in Visual Studio Code — Since VS Code and TypeScript both originated at Microsoft, it’s no surprise they work well together.

James Quick beginner

How to Disallow Large Imports from JavaScript Projects — Are there known large dependencies your team wish they could disallow from a project? ESLint supports disallowing specific imports.

Addy Osmani

Replace Tedious Coding with MongoDB Stitch and Public APIs

MongoDB sponsor

'We Migrated to Next.js to Serve Our Home Page 7.5× Faster' — Going from a basic React boilerplate to Next.js can yield serious initial render time improvements and without much work, too.

Drew Powers (Manifold)

Faster Calls with Arguments Mismatch — Technical notes on a special V8 optimization for situations where you have strict mode functions that don’t use the arguments object or rest parameters. The performance improvement can be significant.

Benedikt Meurer and Toon Verwaest (V8)

🔧 Code and Tools

VS Code Settings and Extensions for Faster JS Development

Tilo Mitra

Cryption: In-Browser AES File Encryption with Data Integrity Check — It’s limited as to the size of data it can work with, however, but is an interesting project.

Tim-Luca Lagmöller

Supercharge Your Code, Test, Debug Feedback Loop — Wallaby runs unit tests as you type and reports results right beside your code in your text editor.

Wallaby.js sponsor

SimpleFS: Handle Files in IndexedDB Like You Would in Node — Node-style file operations for files stored in IndexedDB.

Fagbokforlaget V&B AS

Cleave.js: Format Input Text Content While Typing — Ideal for things like phone numbers, credit card numbers, dates.. or define your own.

Max Huang

Howler.js: An Audio Library for the Modern Web — Get a simple API for your audio needs across all platforms. No dependencies, too.

James Simpson

A JavaScript-Interop Library for ClojureScript

Applied Science Studio