#449 — August 9, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

React v16.9 Released and a Roadmap Update — BTW, if you’re a React developer, be sure to check out our React-specific newsletter for goodies like how React’s development mode works or tips to avoid React hook gotchas.

Dan Abramov and Brian Vaughn

Using Async Generator Functions in JavaScript — Async generator functions are special because you can use both await and yield in them, but what are the practical uses?

Valeri Karpov

Instantly Know When JavaScript Errors Occur and How to Fix Them — With JavaScript error tracking from Rollbar you get exception and crash reports in real-time. Track and debug bugs in record time. Start monitoring and fixing errors in minutes - Try Rollbar for free.

Rollbar sponsor

Future-Oriented Programming with Vue.js 3 — One of Vue.js 3’s forthcoming new features is support for a function-based API (more on what that means in this podcast). Here’s a look at what problems it’ll solve and how it’ll improve logic composition.

Taras Batenkov

Explaining the globalThis ES Proposal — The good Dr. Axel is back digging into another new proposal, this time explaining how globalThis (currently at stage 3) could normalize the way you access the global this object (which might otherwise be window, self, or global depending on your environment).

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Intl.NumberFormat and Its New CapabilitiesIntl.NumberFormat is an established route to locale-aware number formatting, but it is gaining a variety of new abilities (already supported on Chrome 77+) including support for BigInt, units of measurement, and scientific notation.

Mathias Bynens and Shane F. Carr (V8)

Quick bytes:

  • 🎧 JavaScript developer Kent C Dodds has launched a podcast Netflix-style by dropping an entire season in one go! Episodes cover a variety of dev topics and feature plenty of folks you'll know.
  • 🗓 The popular JS13kGames JavaScript coding competition kicks off in 4 days on August 13.
  • 🗓 NgTalks 2019 is an Angular event taking place in Ukraine in November.
  • GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD (free for public repos). You can also now write actions in JavaScript which run on any platform (docs here).

💻 Jobs

Have You Thought About Being a Web Developer in Robotics? — A unique opportunity to work on a high-powered engineering web application for a computer vision system combining 3D graphics and an intuitive user experience.

Veo Robotics

Job Searching Without the Searching? Try hackajob 🔎 — Let your skills do the talking. Our AI matches you to roles based on your favourite JavaScript frameworks so you can do what you love.


📘 Tutorials

What’s New in ES2019 — We’ve linked to a few ES2019 roundups this year. Here’s another that’s been big on several social sites this week, so it’s clearly a topic of interest.

Marin Radman

Remainder Operator vs. Modulo Operator — Is the % in 5 % 2 a remainder operator or a modulo operator? There’s a difference and Dr. Axel outlines what happens in JavaScript. This is the sort of thing that could catch you out if you’re familiar with other languages that treat % in a different way..

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Using Time Series for Application Performance Monitoring to Win at the Flight E-Ticket Sales Game

InfluxData sponsor

How to Reduce Your Vue.js Bundle Size with webpack — Vue recommends that your bundles don’t exceed 244KB, but what if they do? webpack-bundle-analyzer to the rescue!

Jennifer Bland

Building a Full-Stack Serverless App with Cloudflare WorkersWorkers is Cloudflare’s edge-located serverless JavaScript platform. This walkthrough demonstrates how to build apps on it and store data on its key-value storage system.

Kristian Freeman

Asynchronous Modules and Components in Angular Ivy — Ivy is the code name for Angular’s next-generation compilation and rendering pipeline.

Artur Androsovych

Using scrollIntoView() to Show Added Elements to a Container with Overflow — A great example of one of those times when you see something in the docs you didn’t realize existed and it makes an existing task much easier.

Christian Heilmann

Interesting Use Cases for JavaScript's Bitwise Operators — If you need to do some bit-level manipulation of values, JavaScript has the operators you need.

Glad Chinda

The Essential Guide To JavaScript’s Newest Data Type: BigInt — For when the Number type just isn’t enough..

Faraz Kelhini

Webinar: Getting Started with NodeSource and AWS Lambda

NodeSource sponsor

Exporting Angular Page Content to PDF Using Kendo UI

Christian Nwamba

Getting More Out of Vue's Async Components — Some interesting things you can do with async components in Vue.js.

Abdelrahman Awad

🔧 Code and Tools

TypeLighter.js: A Lightweight 'Typewriter' Effect — An elegant effect delivered in just 1KB of code. Here’s the GitHub repo.

Edern Clemente

Resemble.js: Image Analysis and Comparison Library — A Canvas-based approach for performing basic color/brightness analysis of images or to test how two images ‘resemble’ each other. Here’s some live demos.


A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and code and displays them right in your editor as you type, making your development feedback loop more productive.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Vuestic Admin 2.0: A Well-Designed Vue.js Admin Template — A template for an admin system along with over 40 custom UI components. Here’s a live demo.


JustGage: A Way to Draw and Animate Dashboard-Style 'Gauges' — An older library that’s just had its first release in 3 years. Uses Raphaël for the rendering.

Bojan Djuricic

vue-router 3.1: The Official Router for Vue.jsrouter-link now has a scoped slot.


⚡️ Quick Releases

MC.js: An Open Source 'Minecraft'-Style Engine — It's built with React, GraphQL, Three.js (so it uses WebGL behind the scenes), and Node.

Ian Huang