#450 — August 16, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript and Node Testing Best Practices — Almost 50 best practices divided into categories (backend, frontend, CI, etc.) complete with code examples. Not just the basics, it digs into areas like visual regression, property-based testing, and contract testing, too.

Yoni Goldberg

Introducing the New React DevTools — We’ll feature this more in next week’s React newsletter but if you’re a React developer, you should be using the DevTools and if you are, they’re now a lot faster and easier to navigate. React 15 and above are supported.

Brian Vaughn

Image & Video Management Made for Developers — Simplify and automate the process of uploading, manipulating, optimizing, and delivering images and videos across every device at any bandwidth. Try Cloudinary. See how easy media management can be. Get your own free account today.

Cloudinary sponsor

Google's Guide to Improving Third-Party JavaScript Performance — The folks over at Google have a really neat guide to making your site faster and have just released three new tutorials and a 'code lab' on the topic of improving performance when you load in JavaScript from third-parties:

Milica Mihajlija

The History and Legacy of jQuery — jQuery may have fallen somewhat out of favor in web development, but we recently did a poll that showed 13% of JavaScript developers still proactively turn to it.

Danny Guo

An Extensive VS Code Extension List for Full Stack Developers — A massive compilation of VS Code extensions mainly aimed at JavaScript developers. It’s interesting because the original version got torn apart on social media so the author has rewritten it with everyone’s suggestions! 😄

Jon R. Corbin

💻 Jobs

Front-end Engineer — Goldstar is looking for Front-end Engineers with React expereince onsite in Portland, Oregon and Pasadena, California.


100+ JavaScript Roles on hackajob 🎉 — Upload your GitHub projects and we'll do the rest. Find a role based on your skills with an average salary of £70k.


📘 Tutorials

How to Chain Multiple Functions Properly with await/async

Nicholas Dunkel

'Logic-Less' JSX — The opportunities that JSX provides for mixing logic and markup are significant but.. you can go too far. Here are some thoughts on how to keep things clean.

Jonathan Verrecchia

The Best Way To Lazy Load Angular Elements — Advice based on enterprise-level production experience.

Tomas Trajan

Security Best-Practices for CI/CD — Read about a number of ways that can help you implement standard security measures for CI/CD pipeline security.

CircleCI sponsor

5 Interesting Uses of JavaScript Destructuring

Dmitri Pavlutin

The Differing Perspectives on CSS-in-JS — Some people outright hate the idea of CSS-in-JS, some love it. Chris Coyier runs through the varying stances.

CSS Tricks

▶  Low Level JavaScript — A new YouTube channel focusing on building low level things in the high level language we all know and love. The first 4 videos focus on parsers.

Low Level JavaScript

🔧 Code and Tools

meSpeak.js 2.0: Text to Speech in JavaScript — Yes, browsers mostly support the Speech Synthesis API natively now, but this is an interesting alternative under certain circumstances (the voices are not great, but you can get some interesting effects – there’s even a Scottish voice).

Norbert Landsteiner

NPKILL: Find and Remove Old or Large node_modules Folders — Stop joking about those gigantic node_modules folders and delete the ones you don’t need with this tool.

Estefanía García Gallardo and Juan Torres Gómez node

Accelerated Distraction-Free JavaScript Testing — Wallaby.js is a developer productivity tool that runs your JavaScript and TypeScript tests immediately as you type, highlighting results in your IDE right next to your code.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Introducing Transloco: Angular Internationalization Done Right — A new i18n library for Angular that seems to put the developer experience first and foremost. GitHub repo.

Netanel Basal

useAuth: The Simplest Way to Add Auth to a React App — Integrates with Auth0, the authentication platform, to give you a lot of features ‘out of the box’.

Swizec Teller

Inferno: A Fast, React-a-Like with a Different Approach — It’s not React, but it’s very much like it and you might be intrigued by its differences (which include a different approach to optimizing performance and lifecycle events on functional components).


MongoDB Atlas Is a Powerful and Reliable Cloud Database. Try Now

MongoDB Atlas sponsor

Acorn 7.0: A Tiny JavaScript Parser written in Pure Javascript

Haverbeke, Stepanyan, et al.

nve 1.0: Run Things With a Specific Node.js Version — Easily execute a file, command, or REPL using a specific version of Node.

ehmicky node

The buffer Module From Node, But for the Browser

Feross Aboukhadijeh

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