#488 — May 15, 2020

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JavaScript Weekly

Deno 1.0 Released — Two years ago, Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js, gave a talk about the 10 things he regretted about Node.js. At the same time, he introduced Deno, a prototype of a new, security-first, npm-less JavaScript runtime — now it's considered ready for the big time and, at a minimum, is worth having a quick play with. If you want to do a walkthrough tutorial to see if it’s to your taste or not, this is a good one by Flavio Copes.

Ryan Dahl, Bert Belder, and Bartek Iwańczuk

Psst.. we launched Deno Weekly as a way to stay up to date with Deno. We'll only feature it from time to time in JavaScript Weekly.

JavaScript Features To Forget — It’d be easy to say.. that's just, like, your opinion, man.. but when it’s the author of about 73 (slight exaggeration) JavaScript books including JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, it’s worth listening.

David Flanagan

Don’t Build Auth From Scratch. Focus On Your App — Spend less time on authentication and authorization and more time developing your awesome app. Auth built for <devs>. Download our community edition for free.

FusionAuth sponsor

Playwright 1.0: Fast and Reliable Cross-Browser Testing — We first featured Playwright, Microsoft’s take on a cross-browser alternative to Puppeteer, a few months ago, but it’s already at 1.0. This post does a good job on selling it.

Arjun Attam (Microsoft)

Announcing TypeScript 3.9 — You know it's JavaScript plus syntax for type declarations and annotations by now, right? 3.9 gains a variety of editor improvements, performance improvements, and tweaks to inference and Promise.all. No awaited just yet though.

Daniel Rosenwasser (Microsoft)

Recoil: An Exprimental State Management Library for React — Interesting not only because it comes from Facebook, but because there’s a pretty good 23 minute talk about it and it follows the latest React standards.


⚡️ Quick bytes:

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer — Save Lives & Make an Impact — We use Node/TS/React & ML to provide crisis support via SMS. Help us scale globally with a focus on privacy and security.

Crisis Text Line

Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Tutorials and Opinions

▶  Tom Preston-Werner Talks About Redwood.js — GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner talks about Redwood.js, a new full-stack JavaScript framework built around React, GraphQL, and Prisma.

Full Stack Radio podcast

Standard IO: Under the Hood — What really happens behind the scenes when you call console.log?

Vladimir Keleshev

An Initial Introduction to npm v7 — If you thought the npm blog would fade away after the GitHub acquisition, you thought wrong! Isaac Schlueter is back with a status update on what the next major version of npm will offer and is promising a series of posts to come going into more detail. We'll probably focus more on this in Node Weekly in coming weeks.

The npm Blog

Now Up to 4GB of Memory in WebAssembly Applications on V8 — It’s 4GB because WebAssembly currently uses 32 bit pointers but till now WebAssembly apps in Chrome and Emscripten have been limited to 2GB for.. reasons.

Andreas Haas, Jakob Kummerow, and Alon Zakai

Connect Users to Vital Business Data with NodeRun (Webinar On‑Demand)

Profound Logic sponsor

Why We Made a New Component Library Instead of Buying One — It principally came down to the company involved preferring to have total control but they also felt Vue.js was well suited to the task.

Alessandro Grosselle

Second-Guessing the Modern Web — What if everyone’s wrong? Can we solve things in a better way that single page applications? Interesting thought piece and Rich Harris replied with In Defense of the Modern Web.

Tom MacWright

John Conway's FRACTRAN, A Ridiculous, Yet Surprisingly Deep Language — A beautiful JavaScript-heavy tribute to John Conway (of Game of Life fame) by trying to reimplement his esoteric FRACTRAN language.

Reg Braithwaite

The Tale of Upgrading a Legacy Angular App“Why not go all in and address some technical debt with a modest upgrade from v4 to v6. Expectations and reality intervened and I upgraded to v5 instead..”

Mark L. Reyes

🔧 Code & Tools

ESLint v7.0.0 Released — The popular pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in your code. Node 8 support is dropped.


A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or console.log — Move forward and backwards through your code to understand what led to a specific bug, view runtime values, edit-and-continue, and more.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Next.js 9.4 Released: The React Powered Site Building Framework — Just two months after 9.3 (which was already an exciting release) comes the even more significant 9.4 which includes Fast Refresh, a new “instantaneous” hot reloading experience, plus incremental static generation where static pages can be generated or re-rendered in the background as traffic comes in.


Fuse.js 6.0: Lightweight Fuzzy-Search Without Dependencies — Want a simple search feature without a dedicated backend? This could help. It’s been around for years but 6.0.0 has just dropped with more new goodies like logical query operators. - GitHub repo.

Kiro Risk

Perfume.js 5.0: A Web Performance Library for Measuring User-Centric Perf Metrics — Only 2KB when gzipped, supports the latest browser performance APIs for precise metrics on things like first paint, first input delay, total blocking time, etc.

Leonardo Zizzamia

Shifty: A Teeny Tiny Tweening EngineAll it does is tweening. It’s a low level animation solution that you can integrate into any rendering mechanism of your choice. The examples here demonstrate it well as it can be used for ‘animating’ things in an unconventional sense. GitHub repo.

Jeremy Kahn

MongoDB Is Easy. Now Make It Powerful. Free Download for 30 Days. — Using MongoDB Atlas? Studio 3T is the professional GUI and IDE that unlocks the power you need.

Studio 3T sponsor

Color2K: A Color Parsing and Manipulation Library in 2KB or Less — A key goal here was to be a lot smaller than the competition “while still satisfying all of your color manipulation needs in an sRGB space”.

Rico Kahler