#506 — September 18, 2020

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JavaScript Weekly

Vue 3.0 'One Piece' Released — Vue.js is a highly popular framework for building UIs with JavaScript, and a common alternative to things like React or Angular. Vue 3.0 has been in the pipeline for quite some time and has gone through a *lot* of beta and RC releases, but 3.0 is finally here with a new composition API, Teleport, and more. If you're coming from an earlier version of Vue, check out the migration guide. You can also watch Evan's Vue.js Amsterdam keynote where he just announced the release.

Vue.js Team

Moment.js: It's Done, Jim, But Now As We Know ItMoment.js is a hugely popular date and time manipulation library. People often find reasons not to use it, though, such as its size in app bundles, but the creators want to keep it as it is, not add new features, and keep the project alive but in a ‘done’ state.

Moment.js Team

When the Bits Hit the Fan: AppSignal — Deploys can go bad. That's when you need clear and focused insights. Stop logging into five different tools to try and connect the dots. AppSignal provides insights into errors, performance, servers and more - all in one clear and easy interface.

AppSignal sponsor

Understanding the Event Loop, Callbacks, Promises, and async/await — This isn’t new ground, but Tania always does a great job of explaining concepts from the ground up.

Tania Rascia

Node.js September 2020 Security Releases — New versions of all supported release lines are out to fix three security issues, so pick up Node 10.22.1, 12.18.4 or 14.11.0 today.

Michael Dawson

Deno 1.4 Released — Deno is a modern, security focused V8-based runtime for JS and TypeScript that hit the big 1.0 recently, but features continue to get added. In 1.4, we get support for a WebSocket API (which you can use from Deno just like you would in a browser), automatic restarts on file changes, integrated test coverage support, and more.

Bartek Iwańczuk, Ryan Dahl, and Luca Casonato

⚡️ Quick bytes:

💻 Jobs

JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Find Your Next Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📚 Tutorials, Opinions and Stories

Inspecting Just-in-Time Compiled JavaScriptWarning: Very technical! jsshell (js) is a CLI interactive prompt for Firefox’s JS runtime and you can now coerce it into showing you the results of JIT compilation.

Tom Ritter (Mozilla)

Rewriting Facebook's 'Recoil' React Library From Scratch in 100 LinesRecoil is a state management library for React being built by a team at Facebook (though not the React team itself).

Bennett Hardwick

Jest Has Its Pros and Cons. There's a Way to Run It with No Cons — Wallaby runs your JavaScript and TypeScript tests immediately as you type, with results in your editor right next to your code.

Wallaby.js sponsor

From Rust to TypeScript — Alan really likes Rust, so he’s been looking at how to take some of its approaches and best practices and introduce them into his TypeScript programming.

Alan Darmasaputra

Why Next.js is My Ultimate Choice over Gatsby, Gridsome, and Nuxt — More detailed and balanced in its comparisons than the title may imply.

Ondrej Polesny

How I Built a Serverless Recipe App with FaunaDB and Vue.js — If you tend to turn to Express.js and a more traditional database for building CRUD apps, this post will present an interesting alternative approach to you.

Tom Doe

🤡  Misusing The TypeScript Type Checker As A Spell Checker — Why? Because you can. Sort of. Yes, this is purely for fun and giggles.

Kevin Kuchta

What Are the Best JavaScript Debugging Tools of 2020? Find Out in This Guide — Improve the quality of your code with these JavaScript debugging tools.

Raygun sponsor

A Hands-On Introduction to Reactive Programming with RxJS

Daniel Caldas

▶  Let's Rebuild Pac-Man with JavaScript — A well recorded 1h40m guide/tutorial to building a Pac-Man (that game from the 80s with the ghosts and pills!) clone using modern JavaScript.

Thomas Weibenfalk

Effective Limited Parallel Execution in JavaScript — Well, concurrency really, but nonetheless a short and sweet look at what using a promise pool could do for you.

Arseny Yankovsky

🔧 Code & Tools

μPlot 1.2: A Fast, Tiny Time Series Chart Library — A fast, memory efficient Canvas-based time series plotting library.

Leon Sorokin

Luxon: A Library for Working with Dates and Times — If you saw the Moment.js news (featured), you might be looking for lighter alternatives. You can think of Luxon as an ‘evolution’ of Moment, said Moment’s creators.

Isaac Cambron

Klipse: A Javacript Plugin for Embedding Interactive Code Snippets in Blog Posts — Supports many languages including JavaScript, naturally, but also uses client-side evaluators to work with languages like Ruby, C++, PHP, SQL and Python too.

Yehonathan Sharvit

ip-address: Library for Parsing and Manipulating IP Addresses — Works with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Beau Gunderson

Get an Instant GraphQL API with Hasura to Build Fullstack Apps, Fast

Hasura sponsor

react-range: Accessible Range Input with a Slider — Accessible and customizable. Examples here.

Vojtech Miksu

Functional: Common Functional Programming Algebraic Data Types for JavaScript — Boasts compatibility with ‘most modern browsers’ and Deno.

Sebastien Filion

Gemini 4: A 'Currently Playing' Viewer for Spotify — A basic Electron app that offers an ‘easy on the eyes’ way to see what’s currently playing in Spotify.

Gabe Haarberg

🆕 Quick releases: