#​558 — October 1, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

A 'Self-Parking Car' in 500 Lines of Code — This is a fun one! Given a basic environment made up of virtual cars, can you train a genetic algorithm to have the cars park themselves? Yes. Here’s a live demo.

Oleksii Trekhleb

Bangle.js 2: The Open JavaScript Powered Smart Watch — I’m not a fan of linking to Kickstarters, but the creator of the Bangle watch – for which you can develop apps in JavaScript – delivered last time with v1 (Gordon Williams of Espruino fame, BTW), so maybe version 2 will appeal to you as it looks like a strong step forward. Conor O’Neill has written more about his impressions of the project and related work so far.


⭐️ Professional JavaScript Learning Path — From JavaScript foundations, all the way to Hardcore Functional JavaScript, find out how far you can go with your JavaScript abilities in this comprehensive learning path.

Frontend Masters sponsor

JSXGraph: Dynamic Mathematics Rendering with JS — A cross browser library for Web-based interactive geometry, function plotting, charting, and data visualization. There’s a lot of examples, all complete with code. GitHub repo.

JSXGraph team

7GUIs in JavaScript — A JavaScript variation of a GUI programming experiment where multiple apps are developed in multiple environments to compare the diversity of approaches. This is more interesting than it sounds, but shows off how frameworks like Vue or React help make more complex apps easier to maintain.

Brad Woods



react-pdf 5.4.0 – React component to display PDFs.
Axios 0.22.0 – Long standing HTTP request library.
ckeditor 30.0 – Rich text editor framework.
Compressor.js 1.1 – In-browser image compression.
Handsontable 10.0 – Data grid component.
Node v14.18.0 (LTS)
eslint 8.0 RC0

💻 Jobs

Walmart is Hiring Software Engineers — Join a team delivering innovation at one of the largest retail and eCommerce platforms.
Walmart Global Tech

Senior Frontend Engineer at UnifiHealth (Remote) — We're a seed-stage health insurance startup. Are you looking to have a big impact? Apply to be our first frontend engineer.

Find a Job Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

Let’s Dive Into Cypress For End-to-End Testing — The author tries to look for a fun and effective workflow to end-to-end testing with Cypress.

Ramona Schwering

My Top Vue.js Interview Questions“A list of Vue.js interview questions that I would ask candidates”.

Michael Hoffmann

Sorting JavaScript Arrays by Nested Properties — Imagine you have an array of objects and you need to sort the data, but the items you need to sort are not all top-level properties...

Elijah Manor

How To Build an Interactive Dashboard — Learn how to build a sleek dashboard using the TileLayout. See all you can do with this deceptively simple component.

Progress KendoReact sponsor

Comparing Methods for Appending and Inserting with JavaScript — To the current page’s DOM, in particular.

Eric Markfield

Three New Next.js Features and How to Use Them — AWS Amplify recently added support for incremental static regeneration (ISR) as well as optional catch-all routes and image optimization. This guide walks you through how to use it all.

Ali Spittel

Faster React Apps with Memoization — You have a sluggish React web app on your hands. How do you fix it? Nick looks at resolving a problem with excessive re-rendering here.

Nick Lanam

Explore JavaScript Dependencies with Lighthouse Treemap — Discover all JavaScript downloaded and used/unused for a site in a handy data visualization with Lighthouse Treemap.

Sia Karamalegos

All-Star Lineup Announced for Cloud Engineering Summit - Save Your Seat — Hear from industry leaders and practitioners from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Snowflake, Netflix, Docker, Twilio, and more.

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▶  Single Page Application vs Multi Page Application with Rich Harris — A chat with the creator of Svelte.

Web Rush podcast

A JavaScript Developer’s Guide to Browser Cookies
Prateek Surana

How to Implement Search Functionality in a Nuxt App with Algolia InstantSearch
Miracle Onyemna

🛠 Code & Tools

PptxGenJS: Create PowerPoint Presentations with JavaScript — A huge amount of effort appears to have been put into this project with tutorials and demos aplenty. If you need to semi-automate creating slidedecks, it’s well worth a look. GitHub repo.

Brent Ely

melonJS 9.1.0: A Lightweight JavaScript and HTML5 Game Engine — It’s ten years old but still seeing releases. Here’s a look at how to build a platformer or a typing game with it.

melonJS Team

Threads.js 1.7: Web Workers Meet Worker Threads — A library that provides an abstraction over both Web Workers and worker threads (as implemented in Node) to keep code consistent across Node, browser, and Electron. GitHub repo.

Andy Wermke

Deliver Cleaner and Safer JavaScript Code - Right in Your IDE

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DOCX 7.1: A Declarative API to Generate .docx Files.docx files are perhaps more commonly known as modern Microsoft Word documents. This library works on both Node and the browser and there’s a live CodePen demo here, plus a folder of code examples. — GitHub repo.


construct-js: A Library for Creating Byte Level Data Structures — If you ever need to get down to the level of manipulating bits and bytes to build things, you might find this example of creating a .zip file directly in Node compelling.

Frank Stokes

RacketScript: An Experimental Racket to JS CompilerRacket is a Scheme/Lisp inspired language. You can give it a try in this online playground.


actions/github-script: Write Workflows Scripting the GitHub API in JavaScript
GitHub Actions

linq.js 4.0: A LINQ Implementation for JavaScript
Mihai Ciuraru