#​577 — February 18, 2022

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JavaScript Weekly

The State of JS 2021 Results — Despite saying 2021, the survey took place this January, so the results are up to date and represent the answers given by the 16,085 respondents. As with any survey or poll, be careful in how you interpret the results (many folks have noted problems around diversity or methodology) but nonetheless we always enjoy seeing the results from year to year and seeing what people have mentioned. Highlights:

Sacha Greif et al.

JavaScript Scratchpad for VS Code, Now with Code Stories — Quokka.js is the #1 tool for exploring and testing JavaScript. Code runs immediately as you type. The new Code Story Viewer provides a unique and highly efficient way of inspecting runtime values to see what your code is doing in a single continuous view.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Express.js 5.0 Now in Beta — Considering that the first alpha of 5.0 was over seven years ago, this is a big step for the still wildly popular and influential Node.js Web app library. There’s also thorough docs of the 5.x API here. Requiring Node.js 4 or above is quite the step :-)

Express.js Team



Next.js 12.1
TypeScript 4.6 Release Candidate 1
Remix 1.2 – The freshest full-stack JS framework in town.
zx 5.1 – Better shell scripting with JS.
Strapi 4.1.0 – Headless Node.js CMS system.
Cypress 9.5.0 – Popular testing system.

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📒 Articles & Tutorials

How to Track Down Code Responsible for Polluting the Global Scope — You might not want code adding global variables to the window object, and it’s possible to work out where things are going wrong when it does.

Matteo Mazzarolo

The Basics of package.json — Most likely you’ve been working with package.json files for years, but it can pay to refamiliarize yourself with their many properties.

Gabby T and Marian Villa (NodeScource)

A Deep Dive into React Native’s New Architecture — A new architecture for React Native is being rolled out in 2022, as described in this post from the React Native team. Here are some independent observations.

Atharva Patil

100+ Fully Native Components for High-Quality Modern Angular UI — Get every component you need to build an enterprise-ready app. Kendo UI for Angular can cover any UI requirements your team may have — with themes, documentation and more.

Kendo UI for Angular sponsor

🏆  JavaScript to Know for React — A golden oldie we’ve seen doing the rounds again this week. It remains a perfect primer of several key JS features though with examples of features that will help you with React development in particular.

Kent C Dodds

Monorepos Explained — A new site that rounds up pretty much anything you need to know about monorepos, and the tools to build them.


Mimicking Rust's Result Type in 7 Lines of TypeScript
Huy Tran

🛠 Code & Tools

v8n 1.4: A 'Fluent Validation' Library — Chain together rules to make validations, e.g. v8n().some.not.uppercase().test("Hello");

Bruno C. Couto

Neat Example of Using a JS Proxy as a Low Code REST Client — If you’ve never fiddled with Proxy before, this might sell you on a use case.

David Wells

Project Management for Software Teams Has Never Been Easier — Shortcut is fast and intuitive project management built for developers. Delight the scrum gods and try it now.

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse.io) sponsor

TypeIt: A Versatile 'Typewriter Effect' — If you need an effect to look like someone is ‘typing’ on a Web page, this is for you. Alternatively you could create your own from scratch or, if you’re using React, consider Windups.

Alex MacArthur

Marked 4: A Fast Markdown Parser and Compiler — Works in the browser or server-side. Demo here to see it in action.

Christopher Jeffrey

Minze: A JavaScript Framework for Native Web Components — Based on the latest web component standards and it allows you to build portable component libraries that you can use on any project.

Sergej Samsonenko

Heart Switch: A Heart-Shaped Toggle Switch Component for React — Built with accessibility in mind and a late Valentine’s Day gift for you all, perhaps. You can test it out here.

Anatoliy Gatt

Stream Is Hiring in Boulder, Amsterdam and Remote. Join the Team, Today

Stream sponsor

discord-styled-releases: A GitHub Action That Sends Release Messages to Your Discord Server
Nico Hevia

😍 Well, that's useful!

GitHub has added a handy feature to its custom variant of Markdown so that you can write diagrams directly in Markdown using the same format as Mermaid.js. This is a fantastic way to make your README files more interesting if you have processes that can be outlined by way of a diagram – so check it out.