#​593 — June 10, 2022

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JavaScript Weekly

Mathematical Notation Explained with JavaScript — Math has its own fascinating world of notation but if it feels a bit opaque to you, this post will help. It boils down numerous areas of mathematical notation into JavaScript equivalents making it easier to follow what’s going on.

Haas Labs Ltd

➕ The math fun doesn't stop here – check out Code & Tools below for a neat project (KaTeX) for rendering math notation on the Web very quickly.

'JavaScript Hydration is a Workaround, Not a Solution' — Is hydration, as offered by many newer frameworks, unnecessary overhead? Miško, the inventor of Angular, explains why he thinks so and shares the strategy the Qwik framework uses instead.

Miško Hevery

JavaScript Scratchpad for VS Code, Now with Online Sharing — Quokka.js is the #1 tool for exploring and testing JavaScript. Code runs immediately as you type. The new online sharing feature allows you to share your code and replay its execution (including runtime values).

Wallaby.js sponsor

Plasmo: 'It's Like Next.js for Browser Extensions' — A React and TypeScript oriented framework for building your own browser extensions complete with live-reloading, automated deployment to the main browser extension marketplaces, etc.




Flicking 4.9 – Flexible web carousel control.
Bree 9.0 – Node.js job scheduler.
Jasmine 4.2 – Testing framework.
EmojiMart 5.1 – Emoji picker control.
Puppeteer 14.3

💻 Jobs

Software Engineer at Blueground (Remote) — Help us build the world’s leading next-gen platform for home rentals and shape the future of living.

JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

📒 Articles & Tutorials

JavaScript of Halftone Printing — A delightful, practical and interactive walk through what’s involved reproducing a classic halftone style printing process using basic JavaScript and a canvas.

Andy Bayer

Building Framework Interoperable Web Components — If you use different frameworks like React, Svelte, Vue, etc. it’s common to pick a component library that suits each one, but what if you could write such components once in a framework agnostic way and use them wherever you want? Web Components provides an approach.

Adam Rackis

Creating an Ultrasonic Payments System with JavaScript — A fun experiment with ultrasonic data transmission between devices.

Charlie Gerard

Take the Misery Out of JavaScript Security

Feroot Security sponsor

▶  RedwoodJS Explained in 100 SecondsRedwoodJS is a full-stack JS framework backed by one of GitHub’s cofounders and not to be slept on.


Running Windows/ARM on Apple Silicon Macs via UTM — Are you a macOS user who wants to spin up Windows to see how Node.js works there, how tooling feels, etc? Dr. Axel has some tips.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Should You Use Framer Motion or Motion One for Animation? — The author of both Framer Motion and Motion One compares and contrasts the two JavaScript animation libraries. Framer Motion is the way to go for React but Motion One is more agnostic.

Matt Perry

The Best Way to Cache API Responses with Angular and RxJs
Tomas Trajan

🛠 Code & Tools

KaTeX 0.16.0: The Fastest Math Typesetting Library for the Web — Hundreds of expressions to render on a single page? No problemo and no dependencies either despite supporting many TeX functions. There’s a sandbox demo page.

Emily Eisenberg and Sophie Alpert

Timeline JS: Create Useful Timelines for the Web — Built by a journalism lab at a university, this is not aimed at expert developers but folks who just need to tell a story or show off some data online. Here’s an example showing a timeline of Whitney Houston’s life.

Northwestern University Knight Lab

Self-Hosted, Open-Source Firebase Alternative — Appwrite provides APIs that cover your core backend needs. Build secure and fast with Appwrite. Click to learn more.

Appwrite sponsor

Fastify 4.0 Released: A Node.js Webapp Framework — The first major release of a popular, high performance Node.js Web framework in two years warrants some celebration. A focus has been placed on stabilization, modernization, and improving the already quite stable developer experience, rather than flashy new features, although this post does cover a few updates.

Fastify Team

pretty-ms: Convert Milliseconds to Human Readable Strings133700000015d 11h 23m 20s

Sindre Sorhus

The Best JavaScript and CSS Animation Libraries for UI Designers — Runs through nine animation options covering strengths and weaknesses and when to choose each one.

Alex Walker

qnm: CLI Utility for Looking at node_modules Directories — The goal is to make it easier to see what’s going on in a node_modules directory of choice including letting you search for packages. Supports both npm and Yarn.

Ran Yitzhaki

Project Management for Today's (and Tomorrow's) Software Teams

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse.io) sponsor

is-online 10.0: Check if The Internet Connection is Up — Works in both Node.js and the browser and uses different approaches to check if the Internet is really available. Now a pure ES module.

Sindre Sorhus

Awesome Readme Template: A README Template for GitHub Projects
Louis-Kaan Ay

math.gl: Math Modules for Geospatial and 3D/WebGL Visualization Use Cases