#451 — August 23, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

Using Native JavaScript Modules in Production Today“now, thanks to some recent advances in bundler technology, it’s possible to deploy your production code as ES2015 modules—with both static and dynamic imports—and get better performance than all non-module options currently available.”

Philip Walton

Web Template Studio 2.0: Generate New Apps from VS Code Wizard-Style — Web Template Studio is an extension, from Microsoft, for Visual Studio Code that simplifies creating new full-stack apps in a ‘wizard’-esque style. It now supports Angular, Vue, and React.

Lea Akkari (Microsoft)

Free Webinar: Design Patterns for Microservice Architecture — If you're planning to design microservice architecture, make sure to learn the best design patterns first. We'll talk about API Gateway, BFF, Monorepo, gRPC and more. Everything based on real-life examples from successful SOA projects.

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▶  The State of JavaScript Frameworks in August 2019 — Every six months, Tracy Lee sits down with several representatives of different frameworks to get a brief update on how they’re doing. This hour long episode features Evan You (Vue.js), Minko Gechev (Angular), Michael Dawson (Node.js), Jen Weber (Cardstack), Manu Mtz.-Almeida (Ionic) and Marvin Hagemeister (Preact).

Tracy Lee

JavaScript to Know for React — Examples of which JavaScript features in particular you should be familiar with when learning and using React.

Kent C Dodds

date-fns 2.0: It's Like lodash But For Dates — A date utility library that provides an extensive and consistent API for manipulating dates, whether in the browser or in Node. After tree-shaking and minification, date-fns can be much more compact than moment.js. Homepage.


Node v12.9.0 (Current) Released, Now on V8 7.6 — The upgrade to V8 7.6 opens up some new opportunities like Promise.allSettled(), JSON.parse and frozen/sealed array perf improvements, and BigInt now has a toLocaleString method for localized formatting of large numbers.

Node.js Foundation

💻 Jobs

Frontend Engineer at Scalable Capital (Munich) — Passionate about React and GraphQL? Join our Team of JavaScript Developers and shape the future of FinTech.

Scalable Capital GmbH

Have You Thought About Being a Web Developer in Robotics? — A unique opportunity to work on a high-powered engineering web application for a computer vision system combining 3D graphics and an intuitive user experience.

Veo Robotics

Get Hired Based on Your Skills Not Your CV — We’ll introduce you to over 1,500+ companies who’ll compete to hire you. You’re always hidden from your current employer and we’re trusted by over 100k developers.


📘 Tutorials

An Introduction to Memoization in JavaScript — ‘Memoization’ is when you cache return values of functions based upon the arguments provided. Here’s an example of creating a separate function that can do this for existing functions.

Nick Scialli

Why is ('b'+'a'+ + 'a' + 'a').toLowerCase() 'banana'? — One of those fun little JavaScript “wat” moments.

Stack Overflow

The State of JavaScript: 2019 and Beyond. Get the Whitepaper — Read about the latest developments and trends in the JavaScript ecosystem, and how things will change in 2019 and beyond.

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All The New ES2019 Tips and Tricks — An accessible, example-heavy roundup of new ES2019 features.

Laurie Barth

Exploring the Two-Sum Interview Question in JavaScript — There are two solutions, the straightforward ‘brute force’ way, and a more efficient solution that can demonstrate strong CS fundamentals..

Nick Scialli

Using Generators for Deep Recursion

Jason H Priestly

7 Ways to Make Your Angular App More Accessible

Chris Ward

▶  Is Modern JavaScript Tooling Too Complicated? — A podcast where two developers debate a point with two other developers, each group taking one side of the debate. Is modern JS tooling too complicated? Discuss!

JS Party podcast

🔧 Code and Tools

NodeGUI: A New Way to Build Native Desktop Apps with JavaScript — An interesting new alternative to something like Electron as it’s based around Qt, the cross platform widget toolkit, rather than a browser engine.

Atul R

Chart.xkcd: xkcd, Hand-Drawn-Style Charts — If you like your lines wiggly and rough, this might be for you. It tries to mimic the style of the fantastic xkcd comic.

Tim Qian

Browser Automation Experience Made Reliable and Less Flaky — Taiko is a free/open source browser automation tool that addresses the last mile to reliable testing.

ThoughtWorks - Taiko sponsor

FilePond: A Flexible File Uploader with a Smooth UI — It’s vanilla JavaScript but has adapters to make it easier to use with React, Vue, Angular, or even jQuery. v4.5 has just dropped. GitHub repo.

Rik Schennink

v8n: A 'Fluent Validation' Library — Chain together rules to make validations, e.g. v8n().some.not.uppercase().test("Hello");

Bruno C. Couto

file-type: Detect The File Type of a Buffer/Uint8Array — For example, give it the raw data from a PNG file, and it’ll tell you it’s a PNG file.

Sindre Sorhus

pagemap: A 'Mini Map' for Your Pages — A neat little idea that’s particularly useful on long pages. This adds a clickable/navigable overview of an entire page to the top right corner. Here’s the associated repo.

Lars Jung

Automated Code Reviews for 27 Languages, Directly from Your Workflow

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