#​560 — October 15, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Parcel v2 Released — Parcel, a fast zero-config webapp build tool, first came out in 2017 (issue 364!) and took the JavaScript world by storm. v2 is a full rewrite that takes the same principles from v1 but extends them to fit projects of ‘any size and complexity’ by way of tree shaking by default, an all new plugin-based system, bundling via ES modules, automatic code splitting, image asset optimization, and, naturally, more.

Parcel Team

The Remix Project Gets $3M in Seed Funding — The folks behind React Training and React Router have been working on a full-stack JavaScript framework called Remix which, till now, has only been available to paying supporters (who speak very highly of it). This funding round opens up a lot of new possibilities including the imminent open sourcing of the framework – good news for all of us.

Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence

ButterCMS Melts into Your JavaScript App. Try the #1 Headless CMS — ButterCMS is your content backend. Enable your marketing team to update website + app content without bothering you. Try the #1 rated Headless CMS for JavaScript today. Free for 30 days.

ButterCMS sponsor


ESLint v8.0.0 Released — ESLint is a popular pluggable and configurable linter tool for maintaining JavaScript code quality. v8.0 brings it up to ES2022 standards. If you’re upgrading from an older version, a migration guide is available.

ESLint Team


deck.gl 8.6 – WebGL2-powered, large-scale data visualization.
crypto-hash 2.0 – Browser and server side hashing module.
React Static 7.6.0 – Progressive static site generator for React.
Jasmine 3.10 – Testing framework.
npm 8.1.0

💻 Jobs

Lead JS Developer at Silverfin (Remote, EU Timezones) — Bring accountants into the modern age. Join an international remote team using VueJS (and Ruby on Rails).

Senior Web Developer (Node/ReactJS) - Remote — Millions get inspired and plan adventures with our apps. To help us make komoot.com the place to go to plan outdoor adventures, we’re looking for a one of a kind Web Developer to join our team.

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

How AWS Halved the Publish Size of Its AWS SDK for JavaScript Packages — AWS made some huge improvements in the package size of their modular JavaScript packages, mostly by cleaning up obvious things like comments, source maps, and unnecessary TypeScript sources.

Trivikram Kamat (AWS)

How to Win at CORS — Jake, a developer advocate at Google, outlines all he knows about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) in an effort to help make sense of things. There’s a demo/playground here to help illustrate things.

Jake Archibald

Detect Injection Vulnerabilities in Your AWS Lambdas: SonarQube 9.1 — Protect the critical business logic in your JavaScript AWS Lambdas with taint analysis in our new release. Start free.

SonarQube sponsor

33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know — A curated collection of links to tutorials on 33 different areas of JavaScript it’s worth understanding well, including: types, closures, equality, scope, and different JavaScript engines. We’ve linked this before, but it continues to get updated.

Leonardo Maldonado

Board Gaming in Figma (with JavaScript) — We’re not Figma users ourselves, but the cloud based design tool seems to be incredibly popular nowadays. Can it be used as the mechanism by which to play a table top game? Apparently so!

Dave Geddes

Is Deno Still a Thing? A Look at the Status of the 'Node Killer' — Not a particularly deep piece, but if you’ve not kept up with Deno it’s a quick catch up.

Fernando Doglio

Build a Mobile-Responsive Telehealth Pager App Using Stream’s Chat API

Stream sponsor

Composable CSS Animation in Vue with AnimXYZAnimXYZ is a composable CSS animation toolkit.

Ejiro Asiuwhu

Three TypeScript Tricks I Wish I Knew When I Learned TypeScript
Tim Raderschad

How to Export Sass Variables to JavaScript with Next.js
Colby Fayock

🛠 Code & Tools

Introducing Nuxt 3 Beta — Tthe key aspect of Nuxt 3 (a popular framework for Vue users) is its new server engine that allows it to deploy just about anywhere, including serverless deployment similar to Next.js (wherein SSR pages deploy as serverless functions). It also supports Vue 3 and Vite. Want to learn more, watch Ben Hong’s livestream recording.

Nuxt Team

Sapling: VS Code Extension for Traversing Your React Component HierarchySapling adds an interactive dependency tree to the VS Code sidebar complete with available props for each component and easy navigation to the related files.

Team Sapling

Tired of Writing Application Caching? — Scale data-driven apps globally without the time and complexity of writing application caching.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

jest-extended 1.0: Additional Matchers for Jest Users — If you’re using Jest for testing, this project introduces a variety of more specific matchers for various situations, particularly around type and format checking.

Jest Community

Ruby2JS 4.2.0: A Ruby to JavaScript Transpiler — A transpiler aimed at keeping the resulting code looking ‘hand crafted’ rather than merely transpiled. There’s a live demo if you want to see it in action.

Sam Ruby and Jared White

Swiper: A Modern Mobile Touch Slider — Complete with hardware accelerated transitions and native-like behavior.

Vladimir Kharlampidi

Day.js: A 2KB Immutable Date Library Alternative to Moment.js — A minimalist library that parses, validates, manipulates, and displays dates and times for modern browsers with a largely Moment.js-compatible API.


webpack Boilerplate 3.0: A Sensible Webpack 5 Boilerplate
Tania Rascia

🤓 And one for fun..

DOOM Rendered via Checkboxes — Is it possible to play DOOM in your Web browser using nothing but checkboxes for rendering? Yes! I mean, it’s not going to be your first choice, but it’s fun to see it done, and here’s the source.

Andrew Healey